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Market Segments

Service Providers

In the past 12 years AWTG have assisted wireless service providers globally in planning , operating, and optimising their networks. AWTG’s network engineering services have helped network operators and service provider to be on top of the fast evolving technology and lead their respective market segments.


AWTG is instrumental in deploying thousands of wireless network infrastructure elements as a prime partner for the largest telecommunications system vendors in 3 continents.

Government and Regulatory

As a trusted partner to government regulators, cities and councils AWTG continues to provide its expertise to the public sector.

Smart Cities

Today cities are transforming to be Smart, Automated, Human and Environmental friendly. At the heart of this transformation are AWTG’s services and expertise provided to Cities and Councils.

Research and Innovation

Being in the forefront of the fast-evolving technology in Telecommunications, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, enables AWTG to work with various innovation centres and research institutes in technologies geared for the future.

Industry 4.0

At the heart of modernising various industries is an innovative company supported by the right technologies and partners. AWTG is delivering the latest technological advancement to help transform industries to enterprises of the future.


Transforming healthcare of the future is not only about advancement in medicine but also the technology that enables the delivery of better healthcare services to patients and visitors alike.

Solutions and Services

Network Engineering

Software Engineering

Internet of Everything

Technology Solutions