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AWTG @ Techxlr8 News Image

AWTG @ London Tech Week  

AWTG concluded a successful participation at this year’s London Tech Week, attracting visitors from various countries and industries at its exhibition at TechXLR8. More than 55,000 attendees have witness this year’s edition of London Tech Week where AWTG showcased its expertise in 5G (5th Generation Networks), IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). AWTG demonstrated its AI named EllA and its capabilities to manage, command and control connected devices even from long distances.

AWTG’ CEO Abbey Alidoosti said that “AWTG’s successful demonstrations of its IoT solutions and platforms during TechXLR8 have truly launched AWTG in the Internet of Things community not only in the UK but also globally”.

AWTG showcased its solutions and services by demonstrating how EllA manage, command and control of connected devices across borders. One of the live demonstrations involves command and control of connected devices in its offices in Brest, several thousand kilometres away from a user at TechXLR8 in London ExCel, the demonstration shows how to protect and secure connected devices and at the same time give complete control to the user. EllA is the AI purpose-built to power enterprise and Industry 4.0 through monitoring, command and control of connected devices, sensors and actuators using voice, text and screen interfaces across networks and borders.

During the event AWTG also showed how its AI, EllA can improve emergency response by using UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or drone. The emergency response capability used a DJI drone navigated by EllA by tracking and locating the user’s device with an AWTG application for Android and iOS. The AWTG application in the device automatically determines impact, and sends emergency request after impact or a one-touch of emergency button. The emergency request is sent to the AI that in turn launches and controls the UAV to go to where the user is and provide relevant information to first responders before they get to the scene.

Ian Vernon, AWTG’s Head of Technology was quoted saying “London Tech Week is one of the flagship events in the UK and one of the best platforms for AWTG to show its advancement in its products and solutions. This year’s edition saw our AI, EllA, capabilities demonstrated to attendees from all walks of life and all of them have expressed interest in seeing the EllA assisting them in the near future.”