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AWTG was pleased to attend MWC Americas in Los Angeles. This year we have seen a major drive by all exhibitors to showcase their 5G products and service offering. Most of these are still in their nascent stages and if you scratch just beneath the surface you’ll find that there are still major technical and development hurdles yet to overcome. However the industry is making amazing progress and confidence in 5G technology and business case continues to grow. AWTG was pleased to be invited to participate in a number of key discussions and events centred around the UK government’s 5G testbed programme, which is leading the way at a global level in helping to drive 5G innovation and use case development. AWTG is playing a key role within this programme acting as system integration delivery partner on several of these 5G testbeds including in Worcestershire where our teams are helping to develop use cases such as ‘Industry 4.0 preventative maintenance’ and ‘Augmented reality remote expert’