About Us
In today’s reality, end users’s demand keeps increasing. They want the very best of network services and products from their providers, requiring higher bandwidths and faster technology roll-outs, in order to keep up with this demand. At AWTG, we have the required know-how and the appropriated tools to help you provide improvements to your network and service offerings to keep your customers’ satisfaction at its highest. Formed in 2006 by a group of industry experts, with the goal of providing advanced professional network services catering to the specific needs of the
telecommunications industry, we have built an excellent reputation: our focal point is the customer’s satisfaction and our know-how and expertise let us achieve better results and return-on-investment for our customers. AWTG has worked with a big range of the telecommunications ecosystem: service providers, equipment manufacturers, software vendors and device manufacturers. We have a global presence, and also the needed expertise, knowledge, tools and experience to support network operators and service providers in satisfying their customers.

The reasons why our clients pick AWTG are:

Established reputation

Since its inception AWTG has established an enviable reputation through its customers. This reputation has been built up using our considerable experience and expertise. AWTG is totally focused on customer satisfaction.


Each member of AWTG’s technical management team has a minimum of 20 years experience in the wireless arena. We employ only the highest calibre engineers to work on our projects. AWTG has participated in, or is contributing to the following mobile and wireless standards organisations 3GPP, 3GPP2, ETSI, TIA, IEEE 802.x, WiMAX Forum.


AWTG’s experts have an in-depth knowledge of advanced wireless networks (UMTS/HSDPA & HSUPA) having worked with a number of operators and equipment vendors to help roll out new release or features. We are also leading the way in the planning & optimisation of future wireless networks such as WiMAX. AWTG prides itself on having end to end solution expertise for the entire network (Radio, ATM, SDH/PDH, RNC, Core, VAS).


When we ask our customers what they like about AWTG the most common reply is “our ability and flexibility”. A number of the key players within AWTG have a professional services background with previous organisations and so we know what our customers want. Our challenge has been to create a one stop shop for all your servicing needs, our in house expertise spans: technology, end user experience, radio access, core network and even application server and content provisioning.

Value Added Services

When you work with AWTG you will get access to our added value services, these include: in house network planning, mobility simulation and reporting tools as well as technology training courses and seminars.