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Artificial Intelligence

With the rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT), more and more devices are being connected to the Internet, not only devices but also humans and animals. In AWTG, we call this Internet of Everything (IoE). Management of this enormous growth of devices being connected to the Internet is very complex, time consuming and requires very fast responses based on set rules and objectives, making it a perfect job for an Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s not only management of devices that the AI needs to deliver efficiently to be effective, more importantly, it needs to ensure that everything that interacts with takes into consideration the Asilomar principles.

AWTG’s Artificial Intelligence Platform named EllA is capable of monitoring and  management of sensors; command and control of actuators for various markets. EllA can be used by any companies and developers who want to develop AI capabilities with voice, text and touch interfaces.

With its AI solutions AWTG is:

  • Helping cities and counties transform to Smart Cities of the future. 
  • At the heart of the new industrial revolution is  EllA  coupled with a robust connectivity platform
  • Powering your personal, wearable and Smart Home  products and solutions 
  • Turning businesses to Smart Enterprises
  • Boosting the environment with the right sensors and actuators
  • Transforming farming to Smart Agriculture
  • Enabling rapid emergency response solutions
  • Enhancing Smart Healthcare 
  • Improving transport and logistics capabilities
  • Helping make lives better