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Posted on: May 24, 2018


On the 21st – 23rd of May, London hosted  the SCWS 2018, where  this event served as a platform to showcase a products, solutions and services for Small Cells and IoT. This year's conference have added internet of things which is becoming driver for network densification with millions of connected devices increasing data volumes. AWTG  captured the attention of attendees who have shown deep interest in Small Cells and Internet of Thing (IoT).

Matt Moayedi, AWTG’s Engineering Director said that “SCWS event in 2018 has enabled AWTG to  showcase the recent products and capabilities to its key clients, partners and mobile operators who are densifying their network. It  was  also a good platform to meet our customers who are focused on network growth.”

AWTG showcased  their experience in   Small Cells implementation  and  their expertise  in IoT  by demonstrating emergency response  using drones / UAVs, and cross border IoT command and control  with AWTG’s Artificial Intelligence named EllA. EllA  is the AI purpose-built to power enterprise and Industry 4.0 through  monitoring, command and control of connected devices, sensors and actuators using voice, text and screen interfaces.

Long distance remote monitoring, command and control of connected devices was demonstrated with user’s voice commands at the event in London being executed by the connected devices thousands of miles away in Brest. The emergency response drone demonstration used an AWTG application for Android and iOS  that determines impact, distress and have a one-touch emergency button. The emergency request is sent to the AI that in turn launches and controls the UAV to go to where the user is and provide relevant information to first responders before they get to the scene.

AWTG is gearing up for more opportunities to showcase how we can revolutionise the future.