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Data Offloading with WiFi enabled devices

Data Offloading

WiFi enabled Smartphones, Tablets and Mobile Broadband enabled Laptops have led to an increased appetite for mobile data bandwidth hungry applications. Many of today’s devices are dual mode, for example a 3G/LTE handset often has a WiFi chipset onboard. With the amount of cellular traffic being consumed by these Smart devices set to increase further, mobile operators are increasingly turning to WiFi as a complementary technology to work alongside traditional mobile access technologies.

With the rise in number of Carrier-class WiFi networks and the uptake of WiFi by mobile carriers as shown in Figure 1, it becomes extremely important to ensure that end user experience is not degraded when a mobile handset switches between access technologies.

AWTG has carried out a 3G data offloading demonstration under lab conditions to study the results and challenges of seamless offloading, the demonstration was defined based on real life scenarios and used industrial standards as a basis. The network design and topology was based on Cisco and Ericsson solutions.