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Industry 4.0

AWTG is delivering the latest technological advancement to help transform industries to enterprises of the future. At heart of modernising various industries in an innovative company supported by the right technologies and partners.

The 4th industrial revolutions have arrived along with the rise of intelligent connected machines. At the heart of this advancement is AWTG’s artificial intelligence solution coupled with robust connectivity platform for the Internet of Things. This allows us to assist industries in managing sensors and actuators to enable a fully-autonomous industrial production from farms to produce to packaging to distribution. More importantly the sensors and actuators that are managed and controlled by the AI is fully integrated to your business process to assist you in not only revolutionising your business but also powering growth and success.

AWTG currently supports the following use cases and can readily be demonstrated on how it can be used to help improve your business.

  • Agriculture
  • Livestock and Farming
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Indoor Location
  • Manufacturing Machine Environment Monitoring
  • Storage and Warehouse Monitoring
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Enhanced Security
  • Radiation Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring