The M2M sector is an increasingly important source of connections growth for mobile operators worldwide. The M2M technologies consist of various wired and wireless technologies that enable different machines of the same type other than smartphones, tablets, and wearables among others to connect with each other.

The number of connected devices coming online is increasing exponentially, with predictions ranging from 2 to 20 billion devices expected to come online within the next decade. The M2M and IoT market is one of the fastest growing industry sectors with M2M connected devices expected to grow from 102 million devices in 2012 to 2.0 billion connections in 2021 (Source: Analsys Mason:  Mobile M2M device connections and developed markets’ share of connections, worldwide, 2011–2021).

M2M services are moving into more and more industries like Automotive, Chemical, Healthcare & Pharma, Transport and Logistics, Security, Wholesale & Retail, Energy as well as the Public Sector and can evolve to a new, significant source of revenue for mobile operators.

AWTG offers a full range of IoT and M2M solutions and we are capable of working with you on a flexible and adaptable basis to ensure that you maximise the benefits of M2M and IoT deployment according to your exact circumstances and method of approach.