Team Members


Managing Director Belarus

Elena Pechko

Elena has over 15 years of experience in Software Engineering, Project management and Mathematical Modelling.

Elena has graduated with honours from the Mathematical faculty of Brest State University and became a Lecturer at the Brest State University on the Mathematical Modelling chair. She has given lectures on various aspects of statistics, mathematical modelling and software engineering. Being very passionate about building software for mathematical modelling of economical systems, she continued her post-graduate study on Mathematical and Instrumental Methods of Economics at the Belarussian State Economic University. During her study she actively participated in conferences and published over 30 research articles on various aspects of mathematical modelling of regional economy.

Elena continued her career in IT where her research background helped to build high performing software products with solid algorithmic base. She was responsible for different aspects of software lifecycle, product and project management.

She co-founded a software engineering company DMTech LLC in 2015 and in 2 years managed to bring the company expertise on various technologies up to expert level. DMTech LLC collaborates with several universities both on internships and lecturing. DMTech LLC was acquired by AWTG in February 2018.

As part of AWTG, Elena continues to lead the software engineering department, overseeing all technical aspects of the software projects, interacts with clients, project managers and developers in order to ensure that products meet requirements, have excellent quality and bring AWTG services to the new level of automation.