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The days of balancing network performance with capacity are gone, today customers demand both. A resilient network delivers an optimum balance between performance, quality and capacity, which is achieved through an effective network assurance programme. AWTG’s experts coupled with the right toolset help networks deliver optimum performance, excellent quality and the best possible customer experiences.

In today’s world of fast evolving technologies, the competitive advantages for service providers and network operators alike is all about providing a superior customer experiences. The continuous growth of data traffic requires significant investments for service providers while coping up with the ever-advancing technologies to support customer demands and constantly changing behaviours.

AWTG is equipped with the right toolsets, engineering expertise and proven processes to undertake major network enhancement from an end to end perspective. Our experience spans across multiple technologies through to service validation, testing, monitoring and optimisation.

AWTG’s optimisation services uses automated process and advance analytics coupled with engineering expertise and reliable data sources to ensure your network is always running with the highest quality of service.

Apart from the use of data gathered from directly from user experiences, AWTG employs highly engineered tools such as:

  • Drive testing: AWTG provides network measurement services either in vehicle outdoors or by foot indoors. With years of experience in performing drive testing and walk testing measurements, AWTG has an excellent track record of delivering drive test and field services to top tier customers.
  • Verification: AWTG offers services for verifying the implemented network, integrity of the infrastructure.
  • Benchmarking: AWTG’s mobile benchmarking services provide competitive insights to wireless network operators by delivering an overall view of quality of service and customer satisfaction. AWTG has been established as the most trusted partner to service providers and network operators by employing a variety of industry leading toolsets, engineering expertise augmented with our automation and analytics solutions.