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From its inception in 2006 by a group of industry experts to cater specifically to the telecoms industry, AWTG have grown to more than 500 engineers in various fields from telecommunication to software. In the past 12 years, AWTG have deployed thousands of telecommunication infrastructure components in 3 continents and have provided bespoke solutions to various customers. Since 2014, AWTG is in the forefront of mobile technology and is instrumental to the first 5G deployments in the UK.

Today AWTG provides service and solutions to the following sectors: 

  • Service providers and network operators
  • Telecom system vendors
  • Smart Cities
  • Industry 4.0
  • Healthcare
  • Government and regulatory bodies
  • Research and innovation

AWTG continuous to build on its strong reputation by  delivering excellent customer satisfaction in everything we do and the solutions we provide. Our services are delivered by our expert teams coupled with the right tool sets to ensure you always receive the highest quality of service possible.  The bespoke solutions we provide makes use of our expertise in technology, our software engineering capabilities  and your business requirements to deliver a truly custom-fit solution for your business. Whether we use Commercial off-the-shelf software or hardware we always ensure that the solutions we provide are fully integrated to your requirements.

AWTG have presence in 3 continents ready to assist you to deliver excellent quality of services and experiences to your customers and stakeholders alike. 

Some of our Past Projects

Mobile Network Operator

Our team of over 180 engineers maintains and optimises a network of over 5000+ LTE and 3G sites for superior customer experience.

Cities and Enterprises

AWTG delivered the ‘first of its kind in the world’ 5G test bed at the University of Surrey including a full fibre ring over 20km distance. We’re also working with the leading 5G test beds in the UK including Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership.


AWTG delivered one of the largest Outdoor Wi-Fi networks for London 2012 including over 1000 mesh networked Access Points and more than 5000 indoor units.


Our experts conducted a detailed review of the multi-Billion pound Emergency Services Network Replacement programme on behalf of the UK National Audit Office.


AWTG benchmarks the whole of Ireland twice per year on behalf of the Regulator ComReg covering over 5000km of road network. Across Europe and the Middle East our teams cover distances of over 30000km of transport networks.

Health Care Provider

We have delivered a comprehensive network and Wi-Fi infrastructure refresh programme across 50 campus buildings for NHS Norfolk and Suffolk.

Research and Innovation

We delivered the software solutions for 5G infrastructure deployment, monitoring and management.

Research and Innovation

Our Artificial Intelligence platform EllA is used to manage, command and control IoT sensors and actuators, also automated navigation of UAV/drones for emergency response.