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AWTG @ Mobile World Congress 2018

Posted on: March 2, 2018

Showcasing Of Expertise: AWTG During The Mobile World Congress 2018

AWTG MWCAWTG attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona together with more than 107,000 attendees who witnessed the power and advantages of 5G being demonstrated by various companies including 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) of the University of Surrey. 5GIC also demonstrated various projects running on its 5G testbeds including holographic communications and virtual reality.

During the demonstration of Virtual Reality (VR) over 5G at the University of Surrey booth as AWTG’s CEO Abbey Alidoosti mentioned that “With 5G’s faster speed and low latency, the experience was so real, all you can say is, VR at its finest”. AWTG Head of Technology, Ian Vernon also showcased Holographic Communications that will really transform how industries work today. Imagine having a conference with someone from a far location with a very seamless experience with hologram, it’s like having the other person right beside you. It will improve efficiencies of interactions from a distance for corporate users and individuals, reducing the need for expensive business travel.

Delivering 5G project in UK, AWTG is dedicating a lot of time, research, infrastructure and work to make 5G possible not only in the UK but also globally. With their participation in the Mobile World Congress, AWTG is supporting how revolutionizing the power of 5G is to the world.