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Small Cells

With the explosion of data usage and the growth of connected devices, network operators and service providers must ensure they grow and evolve. Deploying small cells is a good way to help address both capacity challenges and quality expectations, while at the same time ensure that service revenue grows at the desired rate. AWTG have a wealth of experiences in deploying full turnkey small cell networks for service providers and enterprises. AWTG’s expertise spans from roll-out to operations and maintenance of Small Cell systems from in-building solutions to highly dense outdoor events.

Mobile network operators and service providers are continually driven to improve network coverage and capacity, compelled by a constantly growing need for faster data services and expectations of enhanced customer experiences. To address this, network operators need to improve data rates and service delivery while at the same time focus on delivering returns of investments to their stakeholders.  With the expected rise of data traffic and the need for devices and things to be continuously connected Small Cell solutions play an important role giving operators a cost-effective path for service enhancement.  Small Cell Implementations can include DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), RRU (Radio Remote Unit), Pico, Nano, Femto (typically very small residential units) and metro cells.

AWTG offers full turnkey services for Small Cells, from installing backhaul, ensuring in-building wireless connectivity, designing and deploying solutions to help optimize capacity and reduce interference. We have worked on deploying solutions for a number of enterprises (local town councils, corporate clients, government institutions, etc.), tier-1 mobile network operators (indoor and outdoor Small Cells and Wi-Fi), equipment manufacturers (Small Cells and Wi-Fi), venue owners (stadiums, race-courses, exhibition and concert halls, etc.). 

AWTG has worked with all the major equipment manufacturers from Ruckus, Cisco, Aruba, etc. We have previously deployed solutions within Stadiums, Concert Halls, Bus-shelters, lamp columns, Buildings – walls and roofs, traffic lights, Billboards etc.

Our expertise includes:

  • WiFi Offload: With the ubiquity of Wi-Fi capable devices, the use of Wi-Fi for mobile data off-loading has ability to alleviate the current congestion while having the ability to also support 4G/ LTE deployments.
  • City-wide WiFi: Today, millions of mobile subscribers are using Wi-Fi as their primary source for data/internet access and much of this are provided for free by smart and connected cities.
  • In-building DAS: Using Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) allows our clients to fill in coverage gaps  and quality dead zones in their networks without incurring the expense of building an entirely new network. 
  • Metro Cells: Designed to target capacity hotspots and coverage not-spots that addresses the needs of a wide range of environments – office buildings and corporate campuses, shopping malls and retail centres, medical facilities and hospitals, government and municipality buildings, hotels and exhibition centres, stadium and entertainment facilities and underground facilities.