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Smart Home

With multiple devices connected to each other and the Internet in every home it’s very easy to lose track on which solution to support. As a company you are faced with the challenge of supporting other solutions such as ones from Amazon, Google and others or develop your own integrated Smart Home solution. AWTG provides you the alternative to use its generalised Artificial Intelligence solution to power your Smart Home products. Our advance AI named EllA is device and vendor agnostic, it can connect, manages, command and control IoT devices, sensors and actuators both your own and other manufacturers even at great distances and across borders. EllA uses voice, text on-screen interfaces to interact users. Partner with us today and together we will open the doors to your Smart Home future.


Ella uses voice, text and touch interfaces enabling you to give seamless experiences to your customers in managing and controlling your smart home devices.

AWTG currently supports the following use cases and can readily be demonstrated on how it can be used to help improve your IoT home business:

  • Digital assistant
  • Sensor management
  • Actuator command and control
  • Home assistant
  • Security and safety
  • Health and fitness