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Software Engineering

In the fast-changing world of technology, there is a need to bring your ideas to life in the most cost-effective and fastest way possible. Rapid prototyping in software enables faster design of better software solutions and is now a very crucial part of software development life cycle. AWTG’s Rapid Prototyping services is more than just translating ideas into visual and functional representation, it is actual development of the desire solution in the shortest possible time. In most cases the develop prototype translates directly into the working product with minimal tweaks.

AWTG provides full-cycle software engineering services, offering a powerful combination of extensive technology expertise, mature and low-risk processes, and proven experience in a variety of business domains to turn your business idea into reality. Our cross-functional team of analysts, architects, UX experts and software engineers guides you through technical and functional feasibility to validate product concepts and prepare the foundation for future design and engineering tasks.

We help you to focus on your core requirements, align technology, operational and financial objectives and stay ahead of the fast technological change today and innovate for tomorrow. We have developed a number of unique solutions, including end-user applications, IoT solutions, professional tools, business software solutions, and SDKs that would fit your bespoke requirements. 

AWTG’s software engineering expertise covers the following sectors:

  • Mobile applications
  • Cloud and edge applications
  • Communication services (Voice, Messaging etc.)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Gamification
  • Emergency services
  • Digital currencies
  • Network monitoring and performance enhancements
  • Internet of Things
  • Process and task automation
  • Innovation
  • Product and Service Optimisation