IoE Artificial Intelligence

With the rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT), more and more devices are being connected to the internet, not only devices but also humans and animals. In AWTG we call this Internet of Everything. Management of this enormous growth of devices being connected to the internet is very complex, time consuming and requires very fast responses based on set rules and objectives, making it a perfect job for an artificial intelligence (AI). Its not only management of devices that the AI needs to deliver efficiently in order to be effective, more importantly it needs to ensure that everything that interacts with takes into consideration the Asilomar principles.


AWTG develops a continuously learning AI named “Ella”. The AI, Ella, is capable of managing billions of devices it connects with multiple use cases and scenarios while ensuring it interacts with users having a seamless human user experience. Ella is able interact through voice, text and screen UI through its accompanying app (available in Android and iOS). It is also a conversational AI that can talk to you about various topics, a source of knowledge and more importantly manage and control IoT devices it is connected to. For personal, home and enterprise AI use cases, users can interact with Ella using voice commands to manage their IoT devices and systems.


Ella uses various connected sensors to make decisions based on its defined rules. It has a robust rules engine that is adaptable to any use cases from smart agriculture to smart cities. Its knowledge search contains both stored information and available information such as from the internet. Presentation of general knowledge such as information, weather, news, sports, traffic and others are through its interaction points using voice/speech, text, touch and screen UI. Ella is constantly learning through its interaction with users, sensors, connected devices and experiences that users have while interacting with Ella and the sensors that it manages.



The AI have predefined use cases for the following applications

  • Personal
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Enterprises
  • Smart Industries
  • Smart Cities

IoE AI Application

IoE AI Smart Cities