To support the delivery of a project, AWTG performs site audits, inspectionsand maintenance. We offer corrective and preventive maintenance to ensure that a site is always well maintained, fully operational and highly optimised.

Our services are designed to provide flexibility to our customers by using all our expertise, tools and capabilities to provide the best end-user experience and operational efficiency, in the most reliable and cost-effective way.

We will help you to provide and sustain the highest levels of service quality and reliability for your end users.

Corrective Maintenance

Service quality and the customer experience are key to the success of wireless networks. Through corrective maintenance, AWTG allows you to provide a solid service and retain your most valuable asset – your customers! We help you navigate the complex path from service planning and delivery to ensuring customer satisfaction by providing service quality assurance. This allows you to concentrate on being more competitive and grab more market share while cutting costs and unblocking revenue. 

Our corrective maintenance package is centred around three core tenets: proactively working to prevent problems, promptly finding the cause of the problem and timely dispatch of resolution resources. We have a wealth of telecom operations expertise, tools, and processes that will allow you to maintain your advanced networks. By providing a cost-effective trouble-to-resolution process, AWTG enables you to stay competitive with more and better services; save time, improve quality by reducing disruptions and quality degradations; and realize CapEx savings.

Preventive Maintenance

A well-maintained network requires less corrective maintenance and is easier, more cost-effective and more reliable to operate. Preventive maintenance is a set of predefined strategies that result in lower impacts of damage, wear and tear or rupture of components of a telecom site. AWTG helps you create an end-to-end maintenance strategy that best suits your network, thereby enabling cost and task optimization. Combining our expertise in helping network operators with our service management solutions, people and systems, allow you to deliver unparalleled service assurance and customer experience. 

We enable you to cut costs by reducing disruptions, repair time and customer churns; Increase revenue - fewer resources spent on repairs means more subscribers, more revenue, greater loyalty and less churn; and improved customer experience - fewer service disruptions lead to better service levels and an unrivalled subscriber experience.


Network Monitoring and Management

Meeting customer expectations is essential for your business, but optimal network performance is an expensive overhead in the form of network operations and management. AWTG’s managed network solutions can meet your requirements and deliver a rapid provable return on investment, by reducing operational expenses. Outsourcing your network management to AWTG provides you with a high standard of network monitoring at a very competitive price, compared to the cost of maintaining your own network management facility.


  • Assessment: Prior to implementation, we create a comprehensive picture of your existing network architecture in order for you to get the best from our technology and expertise.
  • Implementation: We work closely with you to produce the best possible results.
  • Monitoring: We provide solutions that monitor and assess the performance of your network.
  • Management: We provide you with support of your systems, with greater efficiency and reduced costs, while enhancing network stability and efficiency with scheduled visits and round the clock troubleshooting and repair.
  • Reporting and Recommendations: We will constantly look for improvements through our reporting.

Our Clients receive better risk management, reduced cost and increased availability.