Performance Optimisation


In recent years, the competitive advantage for Network Operators has moved towards ensuring a superior customer experience. The exponential increase in data traffic has resulted in significant investment from service providers and mobile operators in a bid to increase network capacity.

Rolling out multi layered networks and service platforms to resolve capacity constraints and increase network performance requires good planning and extensive implementation experience to handle the operational and engineering complexities associated with network changes.

AWTG is one of few companies with the skillset and expertise to undertake major network infrastructure changes from an end to end perspective. Our experience spans across multiple technology layers and includes transmission, radio interface and core network elements through to service validation, testing and optimisation.

Drive Testing

Drive Testing

Drive Testing is a process of data gathering that aims to measure and assess the coverage, capacity and Quality of Service (QoS) of a mobile network. It involves the use of a motor vehicle equipped with tools that collect the various physical and virtual network parameters of deployed wireless technologies.

The process involves configuration and use of a drive test equipment to measure and collect data samples that are of interest. The information collected during field measurements can include signal intensity and quality, interference, abnormal events, call statistics, QoS information and GPS location co-ordinates.

AWTG provides an end-to-end drive testing service which includes data collection, post-processing, reporting and presentation. We offer vehicle based measurements, as well as static, pedestrian and indoor measurements in high capacity transport hubs, shopping and business centres. With years of experience in performing drive testing and walk testing measurements, AWTG has an excellent track record of delivering drive test and field services to top tier customers. With the evolution of new wireless technologies, AWTG continually researches and develops new tools and methodologies for performing data collection services that aligns with our clients’ needs and requirements.

Verification and Tuning

AWTG offers a number of services dedicated to verifying the build compliance, installation adherence and integrity of telecommunications infrastructure and helping to ensure the proper working capabilities of telecom site to design specifications. Customers can take advantage of the time-and-cost savings associated with bundling services and eliminating redundant testing. A well designed test plan can streamline the testing and evaluation process when a site is completed and integrated into the network. We work with our customers to meet their scheduling needs for verification and testing, ensuring that a site is built and integrated as fast as possible.

AWTG has a wide array of project management expertise that can be deployed to provide cost-effective and full turnkey network infrastructure verification and tuning services. We utilize our vast experience and work with our partners in network performance tuning to provide you with the most efficient and cost effective solution. Our start-to-finish oversight, highly qualified project managers and single-point reporting mean faster time to market and quality you can depend on.

Installation, Commissioning and Integration (ICI)


In the highly competitive wireless and data services market, a key competitive advantage for any operator is the understanding of what the end-user experience is and how users perceive the service quality of your network in comparison with other service providers.

AWTG’s mobile network benchmarking services provide this QoE insight to wireless network operators by delivering robust data that paints an overall view of customer satisfaction. With this data, it will be possible to reduce churn, increase ARPU and ROI of capital and operational expenditure. Our benchmarking services range from data collection, data integration, data measurement, post-processing and reporting.

Being tool agnostic, AWTG uses the most powerful and suitable benchmarking tools in the market on a case by case basis. With this bespoke approach to ensure quality and deliver products that are specific to clients’ requirements,  AWTG has established itself as one of the most trusted benchmarking service providers in the wireless industry.


AWTG has extensive experience in the post-processing of drive test data into formats that are easy to understand and that provide an indication of the current network state, as well as areas that require optimisation. The process requires producing thematic maps that show a clear picture of the radio coverage levels of a mobile network. The summary network statistics offer an overall image of network quality, presented in a way that enables quick identification of potential areas of network improvement.

The parameters that are provided in a post-processed report are called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). KPIs are generally grouped based on the following: events KPIs and radio KPIs. Some examples of events-based KPIs are: Drop call rate, Call setup success sate, Handover success rate, etc. Some examples of radio KPIs are: RxLev, RxQual, BER, etc.

AWTG has a team of professionals with extensive experience in the post-processing and delivery of survey and drive test reports. These reports are customized for each project and typically include heat maps, summary of results and the main performance statistics (KPIs) that provide an indication of network performance and end to end service quality.