Networks are dynamic in nature with a constant need to change and adapt in an agile manner to new technology and service trends. In order to stay relevant to their customer base and maintain market position, operators need to integrate and deliver these new services and technologies in a seamless and efficient manner. All this requires careful and considered network planning and design to ensure that network performance and quality of user experience isn’t sacrificed as the network evolves to supply the latest customer driven service trends.

Whether your requirements are to deploy a new network or expand and manage change within an existing network, AWTG has the practical experience and knowledge to ensure your programme is a success. Our people have delivery expertise in all the key mobile and fixed technologies gained over multiple engagements and geographies across the globe. This expertise ensures the unhindered and timely delivery of your requirements in a cost-effective and optimised manner.

Network Design

Network infrastructure is a major capital expenditure in the rollout of new and emerging technologies. A well-executed design plan that is resilient, scalable and responsive to consumer requirements serves as a strong platform to achieve excellent returns on investment. With extensive experience in network infrastructure design, AWTG will help you achieve these objectives. Our approach utilizes industry leading tools and methodologies that reflect on our outstanding knowledge and technical expertise in the design of large scale networks. With AWTG as your design partner, you are uniquely poised to experience optimal network performance throughout your network lifecycle.

Our design services include:

  • In-depth network topology, traffic and capacity modelling
  • End-to-end IP network design including high-level topology, detailed network diagrams and multi-vendor integration
  • Network management solutions geared towards improving network performance, end-user experience and profitability.

Network Planning

At AWTG, we are fully aware that a well-planned network is the cornerstone for leveraging the performance of your network infrastructure to meet and exceed your customer requirements and expectations. Our highly experienced network planning team will take your specific requirements on board and plan your network to ensure growth, scalability and the highest quality of service.

Our network planning services include:

  • Network dimensioning
  • Capacity planning
  • Process and procedure development
  • RNC Dimensioning
  • BSC Dimensioning
  • Transmission Planning
  • IP Planning
  • Data Build/ Data Fill