The appraisal of a network is ultimately based on how subscribers perceive its performance and its services. A poor user experience will result in dissatisfied customers, leading to a poor market perception and ultimately weakening of the brand. Improving user perception will improve customer loyalty and enable the network operator to maintain a competitive edge. AWTG has developed a tool for measuring user-experience as a part of its Network Testing and Benchmarking Services, and it allows clients to gauge Network performance from a subscriber’s point-of-view.

The AWTG KPI Tracker (AKT) provides measurement and monitoring of end-user KPI’s of Wired and Wireless networks. The AKT tool provides:

  • Testing on Fixed Line and multiple Wireless options (Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE).
  • Data and application testing.
  • Automated Scheduled test execution and data-gathering.
  • Real-time test monitoring.
  • KPI reporting and report generation

How it works

The AKT tool works on the principle of Remotely Controlled Units called AGENTS, that can be configured to perform a set of pre-determined tests (Test Package) at scheduled times. The Agents continuously perform the tests at their regularly scheduled intervals (hourly, daily, weekly), gathering the test results and delivering them back to the main database server for processing.

Once an agent receives its test package, it executes its tests according to its schedule, uploading the results periodically and updating the AKT server of its execution status.

The AKT service connects agents to a web-based component that acts as a central control, administrative and storage unit. Irrespective of the technology used by the device to gain access to the internet, the Agents will connect to the AKT server and retrieve their assigned test packages and schedules and, upon completion of a test, upload the test results and package event log to the server. The AKT Server stores all the information into a database to be utilized for administration and reporting.

Each agent runs tests using a specific terminal/connection medium gathering results. The AKT agent ensures its running against its pre-programmed schedule and test parameters/inputs.

This KPI Tracker tool provides a number of benefits as highlighted below:

  • Flexible and Scalable Testing /Auditing / Performance Testing and Benchmarking Solution – This solution allows for the creation of test packages for a range of test scenarios, as well as it allows for a range of deployment situations from singular locations to a large number of devices scattered across multiple locations.
  • The capital outlay, both in terms of actual spending, as well as resource and time spent, are greatly reduced by the use of the AKT solution.
  • AKT requires Zero changes to the network topology, infrastructure and it does not create any network interruptions or hinder the end-user experience in any shape or form.
  • AKT allows the capturing of REAL WORLD end user customer experience at their locations in actuality – Not modelled or simulated. And, it does this over a period of time, allowing the understanding of network behaviour and stability over time.
  • Simple architecture to conduct testing with extremely easy device management – with low human interaction.
  • With the AKT admin tool, Test Monitoring and Reporting have never been easier.
  • AKT allows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year test scheduling and execution options.
  • Allows Network Operator to see effects of changes to network parameters on user experience.