Most service providers operate in an environment of increasingly connected, multi-channel world, and the ability to create a seamless mobile user experience is becoming a top priority, aswell as a strategic object in providing a differentiated experience. With the emergence of self-service strategies, social networking and the need to have an all-round view of your customers, the need of the hour is to move CRM out of the back-office and make use of emerging technologies, like cloud based services, to help deliver a consistently positive customer experience in an increasingly complex, digital world.

What is m-AKT?

m-AKT is an end-user-device based solution that enables capturing of network, user, application and device information as well as customer feedback, to allow Network Operators and Service Providers to better gauge customer perception, network performance and customer behaviour. 

The m-AKT application enables customer devices to directly provide feedback about customer experience on network quality and performance. It allows networks operators a glimpse of user perception by providing accurate, real-time data directly from the customer devices that are directly correlated with network recordings and probe recordings. The data collected shows the actual mobile user experience and quality of service received. By having the ability to correlate the network statistics gathered with the actual subscriber activity and a large number of data sources, the m-AKT solution offers a number of benefits over only probe based or device embedded solutions.

How does it help?

The m-AKT solution uses network performance, network recordings and mobile device performance and correlates that with subscriber information, to show the actual end-customer experience and quality of service. With the correct information from both network and mobile device, it can identify exact locations where subscribers experience both good and bad services. This covers the subscriber experience from the time the subscribers purchase a subscription until the future, where the they interact with customer care.

It allows for dynamic visualization of customer experiences from various touch points. It correlates the mobile data to other data sources, aggregates, analyzes and delivers that data via easy-to-use web or desktop applications. The solution will help service providers to accelerate time to market, reduce operating costs and increase customer satisfaction while reducing churn.

It works on a wide variety of platforms and, as long as a device runs on supported OS, then m-AKT is available no matter what technology is employed. It could be LTE or WiFi, customer experience will always be monitored.

m-AKT Features

  • Flexible and Scalable to your needs
  • Active and Passive Testing
  • All Technologies
  • User Experience
  • Advanced Location-based-services
  • Fully managed
  • Correlate behaviour and experience
  • Network operations and Service Quality monitoring
  • Un-intrusive device behaviour
  • Cost efficient
  • Engineering Data
  • User Feedback Mechanisms - Customer Support and triggered surveys
  • Cloud deployment
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Fully managed solution available.


m-AKT offers a number of configurable dashboards which can be created based on end-user requirements. With the large number of data points being collected over 300+ KPI's, the ability to view the data becomes limitless. m-AKT dashboards allow the creation of flexible dashboards that can focus on Network Level information - i.e. completion rates, etc; location based information - failures by region/ location etc; or OS level information or even individual device information.

m-AKT App Downloads

Please use the links below to download the m-AKT application onto your device. A detailed installation step-by-step guide is provided under the resources tab for download.

AWTG google play

Android Devices (Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, HTC etc):

Please download the m-AKT applications for android using the link here.



iOS Devices (iPhones and iPads):

Please follow the steps below to install the application on iOS devices.

  • Step1: Install mAKT Application on IOS by clicking on link (“Install mAKT”).
  • Step2: Step2: Verify the application’s certificate in the general settings of your device.

mAKT (iOS) Installers


Download instructions