Small Cells & Wi-Fi


Expanding Network Capacity and Coverage while improving the bottom line.


Small Cells

Mobile Networks Operators are continually driven to improve network coverage and capacity, compelled by:

  • Evolving customer need for data services and expectations of enhanced user experience.
  • Increased bandwidth demands to cater to the widespread rise of data services and proliferation of smart phone technologies.

This requires mobile operators to do the following things simultaneously:

  • Respond to the customer demand by improving speed, capacity and coverage to help retain market share;
  • All the while growing revenue, improving ROI, and map out upgrade paths and scaling networks whilst delivering consistent quality on budget.

With mobile data traffic expected to double annually, the rising customer demands for data, video and application access caused by smart phones and other devices, Small Cells are set to play an important role by providing operators with flexibility and increased QoS capabilities at an attractive cost.

Small Cell Implementations can include DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), RRU (Radio Remote Unit), Pico, Nano, Femto (typically very small residential units) and metro cells.

AWTG helps to deliver against these expectations with a full turnkey service offering, from installing backhaul, ensuring in-building wireless connectivity, designing and deploying solutions to help optimize capacity and reduce interference.

We have worked on deploying solutions for a number of enterprises (local town councils, corporate clients, government institutions, etc.), tier-1 mobile network operators (indoor and outdoor Small Cells and Wi-Fi), equipment manufacturers (Small Cells and Wi-Fi), venue owners (stadiums, race-courses, exhibition and concert halls, etc.).

What does AWTG Provide?

We leverage our domain expertise to provide you with cutting-edge solutions, wherein you can pass on the maximum benefits to your end customers.

The technology solutions covered are:

  • Passive Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Active Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Wi-Fi – 802.11a/b/g/n/ac & Mesh
  • Metro cells
  • Bridging solutions – point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solution

Our offerings include the following:

  • Consultancy and Technical Advisory
  • Vendor Selection and Benchmarking
  • Network Design and Planning
  • Site survey and acquisition
  • Installation, Commissioning and Integration
  • Network management solutions


We help operators and enterprise clients deploy Wi-Fi services to address the ever increasing demand for mobile data. With the growth of demand for data services and the ubiquity of Wi-Fi capable devices, the use of Wi-Fi for mobile data off-loading is seeing increased operator attention, due to its ability to alleviate the current congestion while having the ability to also support future 4G/ LTE deployments.

As mentioned previously, Wi-Fi is widely available in mobile devices. Additionally, it leverages unlicensed spectrum to add capacity to operators overtaxed bandwidth. Today, millions of subscribers are using Wi-Fi as their primary source for data/internet access. It can be used to relieve data traffic at congested cell sites and it can also enhance enterprise operations and service offerings, by allowing implementation of location based services.

As the need for relieving congestion continues, AWTG works with our clients to determine which of the various off-loading options works best with the operators’ specific network considerations and meet the QoE expectations of their customers.  As a Wi-Fi service provider, AWTG understands the operators’ needs and can offer various off-loading solutions including network by-passing, managed by-passing or a fully integrated data offload, depending on the carriers’ requirements.

AWTG has worked with all the major equipment manufacturers from Ruckus, Cisco, Aruba, etc. We have previously deployed solutions within Stadiums, Concert Halls, Bus-shelters, lamp columns, Buildings – walls and roofs, traffic lights, Billboards etc.

What does AWTG provide?

  • Design, deploy and management of Wi-Fi networks.
  • Deployment teams ready to be mobilised.
  • 24/7 help desk for both MNOs and Service Providers.

In-Building & DAS

YouGov Research (2013) found that 39%-61% of offices have noticeably poor in-building coverage. Yet, over 80% of total mobile data traffic is indoors (Paolini M. “Mobile data moves indoors”, September 2011). The same research showed that 87% of businesses would switch provider to guarantee coverage and 72% of businesses are interested in small cells to improve cellular performance. In many locations, total coverage is not easy to achieve. Stadiums, tunnels and subway stations have vast differences in architectures and building materials. These can adversely affect network performance and often demand specialized solutions.

Enterprises are demanding solutions to improve coverage and mobilise their business. To cater to this demand, AWTG provides in-building solutions utilizing DAS and Small cells, providing in-depth engineering, network and project management services to support our clients.

AWTG has a history of designing, developing and managing both indoor and outdoor DAS networks to improve signal strength, coverage and network capacity. Using Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) allows our clients to fill in coverage gaps and dead zones in their networks and thereby provide a better Quality of Experience (QoE) to their customers, without incurring the expense of building an entirely new network. In addition, by breaking down the macro cell site into smaller pieces, the DAS helps add coverage and capacity to the network.

AWTG offers practical in-Building DAS solutions that meet the challenges of today’s mobile networks. We offer full turnkey services from design, deployment services include the installation, integration, test and commissioning of all DAS components, including all fiber and RF cabling, antennas and all main and remote fiber distribution hubs, testing and optimization. AWTG can also install and integrate the RF source equipment including repeaters, roof mounted antennas and small cells. We can help you deliver enhanced coverage and capacity to your customers wherever they go.

Metro Cells

As consumer demand for data services continues to increase, operators are experiencing a strain on cell capacity in large footfall areas. Each subsequent RF technology advance compels operators to add new equipment to their existing network. The Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are required to continually upgrade their network and enhance services and coverage or else, risk losing customers.

In this situation, Metro cells provide a technology solution that addresses the needs of a wide range of environments – office buildings and corporate campuses, shopping malls and retail centres, medical facilities and hospitals, government and municipality buildings, hotels and exhibition centres, stadium and entertainment facilities and underground facilities. AWTG considers Metro cells as public access small cells of less than 5 Watts RF power, installed either outdoors on street furniture or indoors inside shopping malls, stadiums, transport hubs and the like.

The main for the implementation of Small Cells is:

  • Coverage in-fill.
  • Capacity improvement.

Metrocells deployments are planned to target capacity hotspots and coverage not-spots. Each site has to be carefully assessed to ensure worthwhile return on investment – the short range and coverage area increase the importance of the precise location.