Smart Healthcare and Infrastructure


A wide variety of industry sectors and business are starting to embrace what the development of IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) communications can do for them in order to deliver advanced Smart Services and Solutions to the customers and end users.  The fundamental component of any smart system’s operation is a seamless blend of multicarrier cellular and Wi-Fi services that provides the medium for the rapid and broad availability of information. Such a high-performance wireless network enables enhanced information exchange and real-time communications for the many end users and devices that need to constantly exchange data between them. AWTG, through its full life-cycle project realization portfolio of services covering Assessment & Design, Deployment & Adoption, to Roll-out & Knowledge Transfer, will help you bring your vision to fruition.

AWTG Service offerings include:

Advisory and Consultancy Services

  • Business case advisory for creation of Smart Infrastructure/Smart City services
  • Technical advisory for platform creation of Smart Infrastructure/Smart City services

Service and Network Design

  • Service design based on requirements analysis, architecture and operating models
  • System architecture, system development and implementation
  • Network design for deployment of Smart Infrastructure/Smart City services
  • Smart Cell deployments and Wi-Fi network design and implementations

Programme Advisory

  • Service integration and rollout
  • Project management for infrastructure and equipment installation


  • Roadmap for Smart City IoT and M2M deployments
  • Interdisciplinary research on the IoT and M2M

SMART Hospitals

Today’s Healthcare organizations are facing growing population, who is also living longer with increased incidence of long-term conditions. This in turns, puts added pressure on the healthcare delivery systems at a time of reduced budgets and the need to do “more with less”. Hospitals are also facing structural changes through the need to deliver, value-driven healthcare and the shift of care from hospitals to community providers. This along with the dramatic explosion in the volume of data demand, means value & information-driven healthcare becomes a necessity for improved medical care to patients and for better clinical outcomes as well as maintaining cost-efficiencies and reducing waste.

Digital Transformation, ICT Adoption and Smart Innovations are the name of the game towards realizing the highest standards in Medical-Care Management and Service Provisioning such as; Improve Quality of Care, Enhance Staff Utilization & Efficiency, Empower Care-Givers and Leverage ICT Investments to Maximize ROI.

By leveraging AWTG’s proven Healthcare consulting experience, methodologies and delivery capabilities in building Smart ICT Platforms & End to End Fully-Integrated Applications & IT environments - in addition to our extensive network of Healthcare Informatics Solutions’ Vendors-partners and their combined capabilities – we can help today’s healthcare providers to achieve their much desired objective of realizing value-driven Healthcare Delivery by:

  • Unlocking information from the shackles of paper (from paper to near paperless)
  • Empowering caregivers with technology and processes
  • Enabling wellness with information and insights
  • Building and delivering future-ready IT platforms to support tomorrow’s demands
  • Unleashing innovation for better patient care