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5G, AI and IoT White PaperHow 5G, IoT and AI Will Change the Telecommunications Landscape

5G profoundly changes the game in terms of what wireless communication networks can achieve. As well as perpetuating the rush to higher data-rates, 5G also vastly improves other areas that have received less attention in past generations of wireless communication systems. These include low latency, ultra-high reliability, availability, number of connected devices, and other areas. The vast majority of this white paper therefore considers the implications of 5G for the telecommunications landscape, after describing some of its key characteristics with a particular emphasis on what is new compared with past generations. The rest of this paper thereafter delves into more detail about the aforementioned IoT and AI, which are two of the technologies that are greatly facilitated by 5G. For each of these topics: 5G, IoT and AI, it provides a summary of some of the key characteristics that make up these technologies, what they can do an how they are novel. It also discusses the implications for each of them for telecommunication networks, more generally and also from the perspectives of some of the key stakeholders involved in telecommunication. Finally, for each of them, it tabulates the pros and cons for telecommunication networks of the developments.