Customer Segments

Cities are transforming to be Smart, Automated, Human and Environment centric. At the heart of this transformation are AWTG’s services and solutions provided to Cities and Councils.Cities
AWTG is helping transform enterprises into the Artificial Intelligence Era through innovative solutions and services.Enterprises
Government and Regulatory
As a trusted partner to government agencies, regulatory bodies, cities and councils AWTG continues to provide its expertise to the public sector.Government and Regulatory
Network Operators
AWTG has been instrumental in deploying and operating thousands of infrastructure elements and assuring excellent customer experience for service providers across three continentsNetwork Operators
System Vendors
In collaboration with system vendors, AWTG is constantly developing new solutions and innovating services to support our customers and keep them ahead of the fast changing technological evolution.System Vendors
Transforming healthcare of the future is not only about advancement in medicine but also the technology that enables the delivery of better healthcare services to patients and visitors alike.Healthcare


AWTG is creating Service Innovations for Open RAN20210106115032
AWTG’s contribution to the highly successful W5G End of Project Report20201221080015
AWTG is awarded NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC) supplier20201217074545
W5G Consortium, where AWTG is a member, reports productivity gain with 5G applications20201214083047
AWTG collaborate with Lime Microsystems and University of Surrey (5GIC) for deployment UK-made 5G System20201029184435
AWTG’s contribution to the growth of Industry 4.020201007080655
University of Glasgow and AWTG Collaborate on 5G and Robotic Applications Development20200918125309
AWTG Invests an Additional £2.5 Million for 5G20200917133359

Case Studies and White Paper

AI-Powered Dam and Reservoir Management20191218042030
Neutral Host and Private Network Solutions20191209113736
Snapshot of the status of 5G developments in the UK20180627151144
Central London Benchmarking20180506131845
Coverage Assurance For The ESN20180430112350


Spectrum Management for 5G Applications20200915134646

Spectrum Management for 5G Applications

AWTG’s Director of Standards and Systems Integration, Dr. Oliver Holland, tackle...
Augmented Reality in the Sports Realm20200716140504

Augmented Reality in the Sports Realm

This current COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all industries around the glo...
The Technologies that save Lives in the age of COVID-1920200601070056

The Technologies that save Lives in the age of COVID-19

Every industry in the world today are putting technology to work to alleviate th...
The Future of Drone Flights20200511090024

The Future of Drone Flights

The current pandemic SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) have shown the importance of drones i...
Update on 5G Spectrum in the UK20200511054604

Update on 5G Spectrum in the UK

Important steps are being made towards increasing the range of spectrum options ...

Business Transformation

Built for the Future

AWTG is helping you transform for the future focusing on new revenue sources, customer experiences and service advancement.

Service AdvancementEnsure delivery of excellent services to your customers through advancement in service implementation and technological evolution.
Customer Experience ManagementThe 360-degree view of customer experiences and constantly evolving user behaviour.
Internet of ThingsRide the wave connected devices and internet of everything.