5G5G technology comprises vast innovations in areas such as millimetre-wave access, multi-antenna technology, software-based networks, and radio interface flexibility among others. This leads to vast increases in link and area capacity, and eventually will allow greater numbers of connected devices, greater reliability, and vastly reduced latency.

It also allows the extreme customisation of performance, effectively being able to invoke a whole new customised network for each service.

With AWTG’s 5G services you will see the momentous difference in customer experiences. Expect a profound transformation for the future, allowing use of data-intensive applications like virtual-reality and augmented-reality, 4K and 8K video, cloud-based services, mission-critical low latency applications such as manufacturing control, and flawless connectivity for remote control of vehicles, among others.

At AWTG, we are driving technology through providing advancements such as 5G, as we’ve been doing for the past 14 years with prior generations of communication systems and other solutions.

Extreme Speed
Vanishingly low latency
Vast numbers of connected devices

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