Penetration Tester and Ethical Hacker

AWTG is looking for a penetration tester with background in ethical hacking. This role will apply industry standard methodologies to identify vulnerabilities in products and infrastructure, and collaborate with teams to report, and address findings. The ideal candidate will possess understanding of attack surfaces in modern compiled applications and operating systems.

Candidates must demonstrate the ability to analyze both open, and closed source applications using a number of off-the-shelf or custom developed tools. Additionally, the ideal candidate should be able to work efficiently under minimal supervision, be able to deliver results that meet expectations, a strong team player, and actively participate in a challenging security environment. Understanding security fundamentals and common vulnerabilities (e.g. OWASP Top 10) is preferred.

The candidate must have:

Degree from a UK based higher institutions

Knowlege of SIEM Nmap, wireshark and other penetration testing tool

Experience in Linux, Windows, Android, iOS and other operating system

Bootrom assessment experience

Experience with Dalvik/ART and Dex bytecode analysis

Vulnerability assessment experience

Penetration testing and code review

1 or more years of security consulting experience

1 or more years customer service experience

Additional experience in IT, security engineering, system and network security,

Experience working for telecom regulators is preferred

Authentication and security protocols, and applied cryptography

Scripting/programming skills (e.g., Python, Ruby, Java, JS, etc.)

Network and web-related protocol knowledge (e.g., TCP/IP, UDP, IPSEC, HTTP, HTTPS, routing protocols)

Conversational Language in English, Major European and Middle Eastern Languages

Please send your CV and motivation to succeed on this role to

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