About the Company

AWTG is an end-to-end engineering services and technology solutions provider operating in Telecommunications, Immersive Tourism, Smart Education, Smart Cities, Smart Retail and Shopping, Industry 4.0, Smart Health, New Media, Internet and other markets that employ digital technologies. AWTG’s technology solutions cover Digital Transformation, Rapid Prototyping, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Everything and Software. In 2014, AWTG deployed the first 5G test bed in the UK—including the first developed 5G core network in the UK and the provisioning of software solutions, support and engagement as part of this. Since then, AWTG has designed and deployed 5G and other mobile and wireless communications networks for numerous other clients, and continues to be the leading services company delivering 5G solutions for various market verticals. AWTG has also delivered various successful government projects that are both network deployment and consultancy centric, and has deployed thousands of 4G and 5G sites across three continents over the last 14 years. With more than 8 offices globally, AWTG delivers services and solutions for enterprises, cities and communities.

Founded in 2006 by a group of industry experts initially to provide advanced professional services catering to the specific needs of the telecommunications industry, AWTG has built a strong reputation by focusing on customer satisfaction—utilizing our considerable skills and expertise to deliver superior results and returns-on-investments for our clients.”