Artificial Intelligence

Gone are the days where AI is seen as simply a chess-playing entity that can beat a Grand Master, or the brains behind a robot. AI today can address a vast and increasing range of human tasks, in many cases far better than the humans themselves can do—greatly increasing efficiency. Hence, AI can be a significant asset to an industry. Further, with the rapid growth of the Internet of Things, more and more devices are able to provide their gathered data over the Internet, information assisting and improving AI, and more and more of those same devices are able to be controlled over the Internet thereby making it possible to effect the decisions that the AI has made.

AWTG’s Artificial Intelligence Platform named EllA is capable of monitoring and management of sensors, and command and control of actuators for various markets. EllA can be used by any company or developer that wants to develop AI capabilities with voice, text and touch interfaces.

AWTG’s AI Platform, "EllA"
AWTG’s AI Platform, "EllA"

Helping transformation for the Smart Cities of the future

Provisioning “EllA”, helping you to realise the new industrial revolution coupled with a robust connectivity platform

Powering your personal, wearable and Smart Home products and solutions

Turning businesses to Smart Enterprises

Boosting the environment with the right sensors and actuators

Transforming farming to Smart Agriculture

Enabling rapid emergency response solutions

Enhancing Smart Healthcare

Improving transport and logistics capabilities

Helping make lives better

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