AWTG brings “gaming on the move” a reality as it design, deploy and tested a private 5G Network for Scottish Esports League

AWTG mentioned on its last news release about designing, deploying and testing the private 5G Standalone (SA) network for the recently commenced Scottish Esports League at DCA, Dundee. Dundee is ready to claim the title as Europe’s gaming capital. The e-Sports  competition  at the DCA is one of the series of use cases within the Tay Cities Region Deal 5G project and part of the Scottish Government’s £2 million investment in fifth generation mobile communications and supported by Scottish Futures Trust.

In collaboration with Scottish Futures Trust and Abertay University, the 5G network in DCA will also support the live broadcast of the event.

Bernard Dougherty, The Scottish Futures Trust Associate Director shares: “The Scottish Futures Trust is very pleased to bring new technologies and new possibilities to Dundee. The growth of e-Sports globally and with Dundee becoming a premiere destination for e-Sports will bring positive impact to the Scottish economy while at the same time eliminate the digital divide  in Scotland.

Matt Moayedi, Director of Engineering at AWTG, said that “AWTG’s innovation team have delivered the enablers for the SEL4 competition on time while ensuring that the performance of the network and quality of service remains at the highest level”.

The e-Sports league will run until the end of the weekend where AWTG is also showcasing its services and solution providing career opportunities to the e-Sport enthusiasts and participants.