Main Benefits of Connected Assistive Living

Discrete support for families and carers of those living with dementia and other debilitating illnesses.

Helping people live well, in their own homes, for longer

Creates a safer and more secure environment for vulnerable people

Reduces the risk of falling

Increases the awareness of family and carers of patients to possible accidents

Reduces the risk of medication overdose or missed medication

Sensors monitor malnutrition and dehydration

Connected Assistive Living Solutions

Connected Care
Better Quality of Life
Multiple Sensors and applications
AI Assistant (Voice, Text, Touch)
Real-time Alerts / Notifications
Support individuals
Notify families and caregivers
Monitor falls, accidents and inactivity
Reduce Cost of Care
Less number of nurse visits
Reduce emergency instances
Happier individuals

Risk Factors for Elderly Population

Fall Detection

Falling is one of the most common causes of trauma for individuals aged 65+ (NHS, 2018)

High number of emergency room admissions and prolonged hospital stays contribute to the high expenses encountered by Government

Using wearable devices

Activity recognition software (using cameras or height sensors) can use the data collected to detect any form of high-risk activity, and alert the care providers


Monitored by caregiver, family member or nursing staff

Gives independence

Removes unnecessary use of resources (staff, hired care provider)

Monitor the actions and the frequency of medication intake, hydration and food uptake


The main objective of tracking devices is for caregivers to be aware and ensure safety of their patients

Individuals with dementia have a much higher tendency to wander and/or find themselves in unfamiliar territories

GPS trackers will enable remote monitoring of their whereabouts to ensure safety

In-house Security

High risk of intruders in their homes

Monitoring and facial biometric recognition ensures safety of the elderly with dementia

Surveillance camera with Artificial Intelligence, capable of distinguishing unfamiliar faces and sending alerts

Security and safety sensors