Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs)

The automotive industry has evolved tremendously in recent years. Nevertheless, transport issues such as congestion and accidents persist. CAVs can assist through vehicle automation and the ability to access information such as on the congestion situation, and information exchange among vehicles and with roadside infrastructure.

CAVs will eventually be able to do better than human drivers in terms of accident avoidance and general safety, route planning and coordination to minimise traffic jams and maximise energy efficiency, among other benefits. Why wait at a red traffic signal if there is no cross-traffic? Roadside infrastructure such a traffic signals, supported by communication capabilities and information from CAVs, will soon be able to coordinate signals such that they are only red if there is cross-traffic.

AWTG acknowledges a world where smart cities and associated smart transport solutions supported by CAVs are key to the future. AWTG can unlock this future through its expertise in areas such as:

  • Communication solutions for CAVs (5G, LTE-V, IEEE 802.11p-derive solutions, ETSI ITS-G5, DSRC/WAVE1609, etc.).
  • Cloud platforms and AI support for CAVs and smart transport solutions.
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