Drone Powered Site Surveys

The rapid evolution of mobile network systems has resulted in an immense need for major network infrastructure upgrades, and construction projects while maintenance schedules are under continual burdens to reduce costs and build efficiencies. At AWTG, we combine modern technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our drone survey capabilities to respond to these needs, offering real-time analysis in site inspections, and line-of-sight surveys using our AI platform integrated into drones.

At AWTG, we recognise the potentials for drones to improve efficiencies, lower costs, save lives, and change the way we work for the better.

We provide efficient drone flight planning, resulting in cost-efficient, time-efficient, and safer professional photogrammetry. The real-time analysis capability added by our AI platform reduces the need for riggers to physically climb towers for site inspections.

AWTG’s AI-powered drone for rapid emergency response is featured as one of the top 5 commercial drone use cases.

Our Drone Survey Solutions covers:

Line-of-Sight Survey
Site Inspections
Rapid Emergency Response
Preventive Maintenance
Facilities Surveys
Perimeter Security
Land Surveys
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