E2E Service Assurance

Delivering an excellent customer experience is the ultimate goal of every service provider. AWTG’s End-to-end Service Assurance Platform covers the entire user journey and every touchpoint in the network, in order to deliver the customer experiences and performance indicators as defined and desired by the operator or service provider.

AWTG’s End-to-End Service Assurance Platform enables operators and service providers to ensure excellent customer experiences using various data sources such as:

  • Customer devices – Implementation of advanced Customer Care Applications
  • Radio Network – Ensuring smart planning and pro-active optimisation using advanced AI-based algorithms
  • Fixed Network – Deployment of smart Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) capabilities and probes
  • Transport Network – Use of taps, DPIs, probes in the most efficient and effective way
  • Core Network – Monitoring and probing every element and hardware installed in the core network

AWTG uses the combination of advanced tools, platforms and expert resources to ensure we deliver the excellent customer experience that your users expect. Our End-to-End Service Assurance platforms enable you to:

Optimise Churn

Automate network planning and service optimisation

Transform to service-oriented operation

Design and ensure excellent customer experiences

Create intelligent infrastructure

Ensure dynamic capacity allocation

Visualise coverage and traffic heat maps

Gather direct customer feedback

Improve customer on-boarding and loyalty

Introduce gamification in service delivery

Use Artificial Intelligence assistants to provide a better service experience

Use Open APIs to create new innovations

Generate new revenue sources

AWTG also provides individual software solutions such as:

Service Quality Assurance Tool

Comes as either an SDK and Native Application to improve customer experience directly on the device, and measure service quality and customer satisfaction on the customer’s main touchpoints.

Intelligent Site Database

Automate the processes of site survey, site acceptance and update the site database in real-time. Accessible via web and native applications.

Universal Data Warehouse and Analytics

A powerful mediation and analytics visualisation platform that supports any data sources and processes analytics from live streaming data to years of collected data. Provides voice, text and touch interfaces on native mobile and dynamic web applications.

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