Our mission is to ensure that health and social care sectors benefit from the most recent advances in technology and utilising innovations we develop to provide a better quality of care through innovative solutions and more skilled health workers.


We aim to bring innovation to Healthcare through the use of cutting-edge technology, empowering individuals and providing a more preventive approach to health and well-being.

Health Solutions

intelligent Clinical Management Solution (iCMS)intelligent Clinic Management System (iCMS) combines all the clinical management needs with a multitude of systems to allow more control over the daily management of the practice to deliver comprehensive health management solutions.Read more
intelligent Health Solutions (iHS)intelligent Health Solution (iHS) combines intelligent Clinical Management System with multitudes of other systems to deliver a comprehensive health management solution.Read more
intelligent Connected Assistive Living (iCAL)intelligent Connected Assistive Living Solution (iCAL) is an evolution of the Smart Home and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) concept, that will permit the individuals in need of carers to live longer independently.Read more
intelligent Workplace Solution (iWPS) / intelligent Proximity Alert (iPA)intelligent Workplace Solution (iWPS) provides users with a safer and effective system to monitor the safety of all individuals at the workplace. While intelligent Proximity App (iPA) is a mobile application that can generate an audible and vibrating safe distance alert between two users when the set threshold has been breached.Read more
Immersive Health Professional Training and EducationImmersive Health Professional Training and Education adopts a more hands-on approach to learning and accommodates diverse needs by promoting a sense of curiosity and greater engagement, which encourages the participant to learn at a faster pace.Read more

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