Our mission is to ensure that health and social care sectors benefit from the most recent advances in technology and utilising innovations we develop to provide a better quality of care through innovative solutions and more skilled health workers.


We aim to bring innovation to Healthcare through the use of cutting-edge technology, empowering individuals and providing a more preventive approach to health and well-being.

Health Technology Services

Consultancy and Strategy DevelopmentAWTG’s consultancy team leverage creation of strategic models using our expertise within data science, efficiently introducing change management, optimising healthcare delivery pathways, designing and implementing innovative Health technology and building resilient operating model.Read more
Innovation-Led Application ServicesOur innovation-led approach to application development will help you create or reinvent a bespoke solution tailored to address your enterprise's needs, using Cloud-based platforms of your choice to ensure the security of your data is protected.Read more
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)AWTG’s IoMT services are extensions of the IoT services provided as part of our transformation services to allow service improvement through the use of Smart devices.Read more
Software DevelopmentAWTG offers bespoke services bringing your vision to life through healthcare digital solution development, tailored to enhance your user’s experiences. Our expert software technology and business analysts will ensure the tailored solution will enhance your workflow, optimise procedures and increase productivity for your healthcare facility or organisation.Read more