With the majority of mobile traffic originating or terminating indoors, in-building wireless networking is now a necessity for your enterprise. Developments such as 5G combined with the Internet of Things (IoT) elevate the importance of in-building solutions to the level of a utility, such as water or electricity.

At AWTG, we deliver end-to-end in-building solutions and services including radio frequency surveys, design, deployment, integration and go-live for enterprise clients, vendors and mobile operators. As a trusted supplier to key players in the market, and as a company that has delivered enterprise in-building solutions for a variety of clients including hospitals, event venues, race courses and corporate clients of UK mobile network operators, AWTG has experience in leading this complex mix and producing project deliverables on-time and on-budget. All our staff are trained beyond required standards to ensure the successful delivery of in-building networks: Cellular, Wi-Fi, distributed antenna systems and small cells.

The AWTG engineering team uses its wide range of capabilities for multiple purposes towards creation of your smart building solution, including:

  • Data acquisition: Vendor-agnostic independent data collection on your operations and equipment.
  • Monitoring visualisation: Using our Universal Data Warehouse and Analytics (UDWA) platform, we have simplified streamlining of your network to give you more control and visibility of network elements.
  • Analytics and reporting: We analyse your data based on historical and real-time information, with the help of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence incorporating machine learning, and big data.
  • Network infrastructure and implementation: AWTG is vendor-agnostic so will provide the best available infrastructure and network elements among a range of potential vendors, not tied to any one vendor. Our deployment team are experts at:
    • Networking (Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a; UTP and FTP; CPRI),
    • Fibre optics (single-mode and multi-mode solutions),
    • Backbone installations,
    • Full testing and certification, using the latest test kits and methods,
    • Supply of plans and acceptance test results, as-built.
  • Engineering: Site surveys, network audits, network planning, design, deployment, testing, network monitoring and optimisation.

Our in-building solutions cover:

Smart buildings

IT, Enterprise Wi-Fi and Fixed Wireless Systems

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Technologies

Real-Time Location System (RTLS) Technologies

Cellular Systems (3G, 4G and 5G)

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