Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the next industrial revolution, focussing mainly on interconnectivity, automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and real-time data. In the context of smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0 unites physical production and operations with smart digital technology, machine learning and big data to create better and far more optimised materials, supply chain, production and distribution management. Many different industries today all face an identical challenge, namely the need for connectivity and access to real-time insights across processes, production, manpower and energy expenditure. Industry 4.0 will provide such capabilities.

Industry 4.0 is also intertwined with the concept of intelligent connected machines. At the heart of this are AWTG’s AI capabilities coupled with robust connectivity platforms for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This allows industries to manage sensors and actuators to enable fully autonomous and optimised materials extraction, transport, processing, product manufacturing, transport to customers, among other factors. Such enhancements are also possible in countless other non-manufacturing industries. In the context of agriculture, for example, farms will be able to optimise food production through monitoring soil and crop characteristics, e.g., to assess water and nutrition distribution on fields, and optimise harvesting, packaging, and distribution based on actual demand—even to the level of prior choice of which distribution of crops should be planted, in which locations, in order to match demand, maximise income and minimise expense for the farm.

AWTG supports a range of Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing and related use cases and solutions, such as:

5G and other communication solutions for low latency, high reliability, and large numbers of connected devised (IIoT, e.g., in a factory environment)

Agriculture, livestock and farming

Indoor air quality monitoring, e.g., for health and safety

Indoor location determination for equipment

Manufacturing machine environment monitoring

Storage and warehouse monitoring

Fleet tracking; logistics

Enhanced security

Radiation monitoring

Environmental monitoring

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