Through the use of iCMS, your practice canbenefit from a range of powerful toolsthat provide:

Better Control over of your practice’s daily activities

Custom forms and templates

Paperless management of the clinic

Targeted marketing

Analysing business performance

Comprehensive reporting

Document and image storage

Safe and Secure system

Easy integration with any other systems being use

Patient retention and higher satisfaction

iCMS allows its user to divert their attention from time-consuming management procedures to the patients who at the heart of everything we do at AWTG. Users will benefit from improved efficiency of the clinic business processes and better management of clinical resources. The intelligent Clinical Management System is built to resolve the recurrent problems faced by small to large clinics and help them meet the demands of the future. It is scalable, customisable, and intelligent software capable to support your growing clinic needs.   It has a patient mobile application that is fully integrated to allow patients to manage their appointments, medical records and promotional contents. The iCMS is a cloud-based system that could be adapted to meet your needs to host on your clinic’s server.

The intelligent Clinical Management System comprises offour subsystems:

Registration System

The registration system is an integral part of the intelligent Clinical Management System. It provides a compact platform to collect essential patient data, insurance levels, payments options, marketing data. The system gives patients visibility and control over the patient’s data held by the clinic.

We recognise that the patient registration process is key to improving the on-boarding process to clinics. Additionally, it is a complex process that requires a lot of preliminary patient data gathering, organising and analysing. Thus, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the development of the registration system to capture allow all essential data on the patient to improve patient experience and increased patient satisfaction.


Online Registration
Ease of Information sharing
Faster Patients Data collection
Improves Patients Experience
Reduced Workload
Reduce Error and Duplication
Enhanced Data Validation
Finance Management
Master Patient Index


Standard Datasets

Registration system allows patients to be added using standard datasets covering patient demographic information, personal and contact information, insurance details etc.

Improve Patient's Experience

It allows patients to validate their data via the mobile app. Its real-time feedback functionality allows patients to self-correct issues.

Enhanced Data Integrity

The quality data entered on the registration system can be validated by both patients and the administrators. Each time a new data is entered by either the patients via document upload via mobile app or a change to patient details by administrators, notification would be sent to validate the entry or update.

Finance Management

The system allows details of insurance, payment modalities and option to be captured pre- or post-registration process.

Reduced Workload

Make data immediately available to revenue cycle management, reducing time and effort dedicated by the staff.

Reduced Error and Duplication

Eliminate redundant paper forms containing duplicate information. Solve the issues of lost or incorrectly entered information associated with manual entry. Eliminate the need for scanning and indexing documents, as the information is taken directly from the registration system.

Scheduling System

The robust online scheduling system is a vital part of the iCMS which allows users to manage appointments through the web portal and the mobile application. The scheduling system’s user-friendly interface makes appointment management and resource management simple to use by anyone. The users will be able to book appointments according to skills of resources and availability and preference.

Users will realise effective and efficient use of their clinic resources which could lead to increase patient satisfaction and staff productivity.


Online Appointment Management
Eliminate Queues
Events and Tour management
Automatic confirmation and reminders with messaging services
Appointment Reminder
Colour-Code Scheduling
Appointment Confirmation
Appointment Directory
Slot Customisation
Appointment Status and tracking
Patient tracking through the clinic
Centralised Scheduling
Recurring Appointments
Holidays Management
Clinicians Work Schedules
Workflow Management
Advanced Procedure Scheduling
Patient Communication
Follow-up Alerts/Reminders
Appointment Description


Clinicians Time Management

iCMS is built with customisable calendar/appointment templates, which gives each clinician or clinic flexibility to adjust their waiting list based on their agreed patient sequencing slots. Each clinician has the flexibility to manage their schedule. They can block time, marked slots as a holiday and much more.

Appointment Template

The scheduling system allows the user to manage the calendar to create fixed slots for each type of appointment .

Easy Appointment Management

The scheduling system is built to cater for multiple types of appointments. We believe that better patient scheduling decreases cancellations and patient no-shows, the mobile application will give the patient the freedom to book their appointment upon their convenience.

Automatic Confirmation

The inbuilt patient scheduling tools send outpatient notifications through the mobile application. The preferred means of contact collected from the patients during the registration process are linked to the scheduling system, email and text messages are used by the clinics to confirm appointments to avoid last minute cancellations.


iCMS is built with the latest software technology. Patient check-in tools can be integrated into the system to support the electronic call-in process.

Events Management

The scheduling system will allow the users to book events within the clinic through their mobile application and web portal.

Bulk Appointment management

iCMS allows the users to make changes to multiple appointments simultaneously.

Staff Scheduling

Choose and customise staff availability and break times weekly, fortnightly, monthly or just for a specific period or timeframe.

Administration System

The Administration System is the control hub of the intelligent Clinical Management System. It gives designated users the permission needed to customise the system to suit their business process needs and control the user’s accesses through the system. The Administration System also allows the user to manage all employees and roles within the clinic to integrate with the scheduling system.


Employee and Role Management
Role-Base Access Control
Set up Templates for different department or clinics
User Management
Patient tracking through the clinic


Role Base Access Control:

The system allows the designated superuser to assign permissions or restrict users ability to view, share or access the system and its information. The system allows for different levels of access to be granted based on the employees access.


The administrative system allows the designated user to customise existing workflow within the system to meet their needs or create a new workflow based on their new business concept.


The system allows users to customise appointment templates, time management and shift management.

User Management

The system can manage the access of all the users through the administration system by creating new users, resetting password, view dormant users, deleting users.


The system has got the functionality to perform a system audit to see who has viewed, deleted or edited information on the system, this feature will allow better management of the of patient data and provide strict security to system changes.


Designated users have interrogated data held on the system to generate diverse reports to support the management decision-making process.

Mobile Application for Patients

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