intelligent Connected Assistive Living (iCAL)intelligent Connected Assistive Living Solution (iCAL) is an evolution of the Smart Home and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) concept, that will permit the individuals in need of carers to live longer independently. This solution enables them to remain within their homes and live in a safer, controlled environment instead of being relocated to a care home facility. This level of independence is achieved through the combined use of Smart devices, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and sensors. The data gathered from sensors, actuators, and connected devices installed in their homes or worn by them will create a pool of information on the individual’s wellbeing which is a valuable asset to healthcare providers when treating the individual.

The data gathered canhelp detect:

Fall detection

Prolonged inactivity

Moisture control

Smoke detection

Missed medication

Temperature control

Unauthorized entry within the premises



Connected CareMonitors medication, hydration, nutrition and movement.
Better Quality of LifeEnables use of multiple sensors and applications using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant (Voice, Text, Touch)
Real-time Alerts and NotificationsSupporting patients through notification of families and caregivers. Monitor falls, accidents and inactivity and sends out real-time alerts.
Reduce Cost of CareThe solution makes nurse visits lesser and reduces emergency instances


Discrete support for families and carers of those living with dementia and other debilitating illnesses
Helping people live well, in their own homes, for longer
Creates a safer and more secure environment for vulnerable people
Reduces the risk of falling
Increases the awareness of family and carers of patients to possible accidents
Reduces the risk of medication overdose or missed medication
Sensors monitor malnutrition and dehydration

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