intelligent Health Solution (iHS)intelligent Health Solution combines intelligent Clinical Management System (iCMS) with an EHR system and multitudes of other systems to deliver a comprehensive health management solution.
Allowing patients and practitioners to monitor and track their well-being.
This system will facilitate medical information sharing and an AI integration to screen all individuals for predisposing medical conditions to help prevent and catch diseases at an early stage.


Reducing the incidence of medical error through the improvement of the accuracy and clarity of documentation
Making health information readily available, reducing duplication of tests, reducing delays in treatment administration, and keeping patients well informed allowing better decision making
Ensure clinical protocols are followed to increase the productivity of staff
Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage databases for better population health management
Better time management and increased revenue through easier centralised chart management, condition-specific queries, electronic reception of lab results, and other shortcuts
Monitoring of possible risk factors and high-risk person in the system
Electronic Health Record (EHR)
Increasing patient access to health services through a mobile application
Better accessibility to healthcare through Direct video calls with patients
Reducing waiting time for patients by increasing the efficiency of clinical services
Reducing error whilst sharing patient medical information with peers through e-referrals

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