intelligent Trash on Demand (iToD)

With AWTG’s 5G services you will see the momentous difference in customer experiences. Expect a profound transformation for the future, allowing use of data-intensive applications like virtual-reality and augmented-reality, 4K and 8K video, cloud-based services, mission-critical low latency applications such as manufacturing control, and flawless connectivity for remote control of vehicles, among others.Our Trash on Demand App enables a user to request the collection of waste much like one might use Uber to hail a ride home. This can be used by the public to request bulky waste collection and it can be used by local businesses to request commercial waste removal. iToD (intelligent Trash on Demand) is a complete waste management solution. It satisfies the requirements of Cities and Councils for  advanced waste management and more importantly introduce advanced and innovative features such as on-demand collection, live tracking, immersive experiences, IoT integration, in-app communications and is 5G and Wi-Fi 6 ready.

At AWTG, we are driving technology through providing advancements such as 5G, as we’ve been doing for the past 14 years with prior generations of communication systems and other solutions.

iTOD canimproverecycling rates in your cities through:

Effective Communication and Information CampaignsWith the use of the Council or City branded iToD application from AWTG, communications campaign on recycling can be efficiently and cost effectively delivered to app users designed to display immersive campaigns through graphics, videos, text and audio interfaces.
Identification of recyclable materialsThe iToD application has integration to image recognition servers enabling users to use their phone cameras when the app is active to identify various materials whether they are recyclable or not. This will improve sorting of household waste for recycling.
Immersive and interactive informationUsing the Augmented Reality and the AI assistant feature in the iToD application users can explore and interact on how recycling works and how each type of material is recycled. This will increase awareness on recycling through immersive learning.
GamificationThe Gamification feature in the iToD can be activated to reward users when recyclable materials are placed in recycling bins. This will encourage all generations to recycle and start younger generations who have access to a Smart Phone to adopt a healthy recycling habit at an early age, helping them become environment conscious.
In-app location and navigationEnable app users to use the map in the iToD app to find the nearest community drop-off location or sorting bins wherever they are. By directing app users to the right sorting bins or recycling drop-off locations the recycling rates will increase.
On-Demand collectionResidents and App users can request on-demand collection of recycling bins once its full to avoid residents from putting recyclable materials in the wrong empty bins.
Live TrackingBy allowing users to track collection progress on-demand it will increase their awareness on when recycling bins are collected and encourage proper sorting of household waste increasing recycling rates.
Integrated IoT sensorsBy using the IoT integration capability in the system app users can easily be notified when bins are full or empty and when recycling bins are collected encouraging them to properly sort waste materials to the correct bin.

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