intelligent Workplace Solution (iWPS)intelligent Workplace Solution (iWPS) provides users with a safer and effective system to monitor the safety of all individuals at the workplace.
Through the use of Low Energy Bluetooth, iWPS will track and trace user at work to ensure safety distance is maintained at all times and to avoid transmission of airborne diseases.

iWPS Smart Devices

Suitable for employees that do not have mobile devices or cannot use them for safety reasons during working hours

Can be set to track and measure Safety distance (distance of possible cross infection)

Does not require active employees’ actions other than wearing it during the entire working time

Can be temporarily used by guests (e.g. customers meeting, suppliers, store visits, etc)

Traces each contact with possible cross infection (time, location and device ID)

iWPS Mobile Application

Suitable for anyone with a smartphone

Can be set to track and produce alarms for multiple measures such as minimum safety distance, dangerous distance and more

Requires active engagement of the employees: COVID-related information, keep the App and Bluetooth accessible (impacting the smartphone battery duration). Employees must keep the smartphone close by to ensure effective tracing; for example, in their pockets during the entire working hours


Real-time AlarmiWPS dedicated device and app ensure that physical distance is maintained by the employees with immediate audible and vibrating alarm when the security distance is not followed
TrackIf two or more devices are below the security distance, the system records the interactions (time and date of the event) for 14 days in order to track ”at-risk” contacts, allowing the company to encourage selective self-isolation measures and avoid massive businesses closures
Cloud-based and User FriendlyiWPS dedicated device and app data are cloud-based. A user-friendly interface allows administrators to easily manage the parameters (distance, alerts, and notifications), review dangerous interactions, and connect users with ID ensuring data confidentiality
FlexibleiWPS dedicated devices and app can easily adapt to the company's global policies and HR policies. Data can be stored on the cloud or on local servers.
intelligent Proximity Alert (iPA)

intelligent Proximity Alert is a mobile application that can generate an audible and vibrating safe distance alert
between two users when the set threshold has been breached.
This product has been launched as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, to promote safety.
Through Bluetooth technology, iPA can detect the duration and proximity of exposure to others, this information
is later used to alert all users within the proximity of an individual diagnosed with Covid-19.


Physical distance monitoringEnsures appropriate physical distances between application users are maintained
Real-time AlarmImmediate audible and vibrating alarm when set thresholds have been breached
TrackThe native mobile application records any interaction, by recording the time and date of a breached contact for 14 days
Cloud-based and User FriendlyAll data collected are stored in cloud servers with a user-friendly app interface
User DrivenUsers can input the positive Covid-19 test results and the application will notify all potential devices that had been in contact with the infected user. The users that will be notified are defined based on several criteria such as their proximity to the infected person, the duration of the exposure.

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