AWTG’s IoT solution is developed to drive digital transformation across industries, integrated to your very specific needs, processes and procedures. As a bespoke solution, it is tailored to your own business and unique business rules. Some of AWTG’s IoT use cases that have already deployed are in the realms of:

  • Smart and AI-tracked wheelchairs,
  • Smart smoke and fire detectors and alarms,
  • Smart bins, and,
  • Human traffic monitoring.

AWTG’s technology-agnostic and modular connectivity platform for IoT enables management of millions of IoT devices in real-time. We have an extensive catalogue of support for various IoT devices, and multiple connectivity options. Our modular IoT platform comes complete with a comprehensive range of features and functionalities that enable you to easily manage your fleet of IoT devices, sensors and actuators.

With AWTG’s IoT platform, your business will be equipped with:

24/7 monitoring of your critical business operations

Flexibility in accessing your business information (through desktop computers, e-mail and SMS)

Automated alerts based on your set parameters and KPIs

Full control of your configurations, alerts, user accesses and more

A fully customisable platform, optimised to your business function

Centralised control of different operations with a single IoT platform