Intelligent Workplace Solution (iWPS) dedicated device and app enable safe and secure working environment in any condition:

Real time alarm: iWPS dedicated device and app ensure that physical distance is maintained by the employees with immediate audible and vibrating alarm when the security distance is not followed.

Track: If two or more devices are below the security distance, the system records the interactions (time and date of the event) for 14 days in order to track ”at risk” contacts, allowing the company to encourage selective self-isolation measures and avoid massive businesses closures.

Cloud based solution and user-friendly interface for administrators: iWPS dedicated device and app data are cloud based. A user-friendly interface allow administrators to easily manage the parameters (distance, alerts and notifications), review dangerous interactions and connect users with ID ensuring data confidentiality.

Only designated admin can access sensitive data.

Flexible: iWPS dedicated device and app can easily adapt to the company global policies and HR policies. Data can be stored on cloud or on local servers.

How it works?

Social distancing promoted by audible and vibrating alarms and cloud record

The iWPS Smart Badge and Smart Watch can be used to ensure that safe physical distances are maintained by employees and track breaches of safe distance to control virus spread and prompt disease management measures.

Key Benefits

iWPS on corporate smart phone – best quality and great functionalities, suitable for all purposes.

iWPS Smart Devices

  • Suitable for employees that do not have mobile devices or cannot use them for safety reasons during working hours
  • Can be set to track and measure Safety distance (distance of possible cross infection)
  • Does not require active employees’ actions other than wearing it during the entire working time
  • Can be temporarily used by guests (e.g. customers meeting, suppliers, store visits, etc)
  • Traces each contact with possible cross infection (time, location and device ID)

Mobile application

  • Suitable for all employees with a smartphone
  • Can be set to track and to produce alarms for multiple measures such as minimum safety distance, dangerous distance, etc
  • Requires active engagement of the employees: COVID-related information, keep the App and Bluetooth accessible (impacting the smartphone battery duration). Employees must keep the smartphone close by for example in pockets during the entire working hours
  • Trace each contact with possible cross infection(time, location and device ID)

AWTG provides full life-cycle support from set-up to completion

  • Product immersion through explainer videos, quick user guides and video demonstrations
  • Full support for set-up and configuration of devices and platform
  • Train the trainers programme that includes use of the system software and the hardware, such as badges, trackers, etc.
  • Working Hours technical support
  • Online support on web and mobile app

§ 12 months warranty on hardware