AWTG Management

AWTG’s management is a global team of technology leaders who are passionate about providing excellent service quality and advanced technological solutions. The AWTG management team draws on their exemplary experience to lead AWTG’s global teams of experts to new heights.

Abbey Alidoosti20180630121556

Abbey Alidoosti

Chief Executive Officer
CEO and founder of AWTG. Abbey has over 20 years’ experience as a senior executive in the IT and wireless industries with a range of pioneering companies at the forefront of technology.
Prof. Hamid Aghvami20180630121336

Prof. Hamid Aghvami

Advisory Board Member
Has been a member of AWTG’s Advisory Board since 2006. He has both academic and industry expertise in digital radio communications systems.
Ian Vernon20180630121205

Ian Vernon

Chief Innovation and Information Officer
Technical and Innovation lead at AWTG, responsible for ensuring AWTG’s solutions, products and services are always ahead of the curve and powered with the right technologies as digital trends and end-customer behaviours evolve.
Ian Groves20180630121105

Ian Groves

Head of Consultancy
Joined AWTG as Head of Consultancy in 2006 following an extensive career within the telecommunications industry, and currently leads the consulting practice in AWTG.
Zeerak Akbar20180630120744

Zeerak Akbar

Director for Operations
Provides technical leadership and guidance to AWTG teams across Saudi Arabia. He is instrumental in delivering thousands of cell sites and technology enhancements in Saudi Arabia throughout the evolutions of networks from 2G to 5G.
Matt Moayedi20180630115308

Matt Moayedi

Director of Engineering
Responsible for all RF-related  project delivery and engagements and ensures customer happiness for anyone using AWTG built and managed networks.
Richard Barrington20180419032933

Richard Barrington

Director of Business Development - Public Sector
Leads business development for AWTG public sector and partner business. Richard has over 25 years’ experience in helping organisations extract value from technology, to improve quality of service and reduce costs. He would be delighted to explore the art of the possible with you.
Marco Odisio20150525081023

Marco Odisio

Director of Business Development - Private Sector
Leads business development for AWTG’s telecommunications and private sector business. Marco has over 20 years experience assisting private enterprise succeed with their digital strategies, branding and creating new growth opportunities.
Natalia Anoshka20150524093411

Natalia Anoshka

Managing Director for Belarus
Natalia manages AWTGs operations in Belarus covering the CIS countries and  delivering AWTG innovations to the region.
Dr. Oliver Holland20130524143447

Dr. Oliver Holland

Director of Standards and Systems Integration
An expert on 5G and future mobile communication technologies, and radio-spectrum among other topics. He is extensively involved in various standards initiatives and takes those as well as wireless technologies in general towards innovative system designs and deployments at AWTG.
David Mintah20130420085306

David Mintah

Director of Service Delivery & Innovation
David is driving & evolving AWTG’s service management and technical deployment programmes. He is AWTG’s programme manager for 5G & Next Generation Network projects delivering solutions for MNOs, Service Providers, Enterprises and 5G Testbeds.
Dr. Shamim Mousavi, MSc20130419141346

Dr. Shamim Mousavi, MSc

Healthcare Innovation Lead
Leads innovations of AWTG’s Smart Health products and solutions following a successful medical career.
Taras Motulski20130220083944

Taras Motulski

Software Innovation Lead
Manages software projects globally ensuring they are delivered at the highest standard and quality. He has  more than 15 years of experience in the technology industry particularly on web and mobile applications.
Sering Harding20130123142823

Sering Harding

Radio Network Planning and Optimisation Manager
Manages wireless network teams to deliver high quality  engineering  services to our clients, across all wireless technologies, with a major focus on creating excellent customer experiences.
Jasmina Patel20130122085123

Jasmina Patel

Finance Manager
Manages financial control and is a Chartered Accountant, member of ACCA and AAT. She has a wealth of experience from various sectors from technology to property development.
Irina Yaroslavskaya20130120084611

Irina Yaroslavskaya

HR Manager
Leads the HR department ensuring that AWTG staff are the best of the best in what they do.
Charisma Quebral20130110084936

Charisma Quebral

Marketing Manager
Manages marketing and design  and ensures excellent customer experiences in AWTG products and services.