Great service quality and excellent customer experience are key to the success and growth of any network operator or service provider. These are achieved with a network that is always available, and very reliable. AWTG helps you stay on top of the competition by ensuring your network is properly maintained, free of service interruptions and constantly operating at a high quality of service.

AWTG’s network operations services are delivered with a combination of powerful software platforms for automation and managed by our experienced engineers to ensure that the network is free of interruptions and always operating at optimum and with a high quality of service.

Our Operations and Maintenance services includes:
Infrastructure audits and inspectionsAssessing the health of every network component with experienced auditors and inspectors.
Network Monitoring24/7/365 end-to-end monitoring of network performance, quality and overall health through the use of automation. This covers all aspects of the network, from the radio network, to the fixed network, and transport network to the core network.
MaintenanceEnsuring that all network elements are operating in tip-top shape through effective notification, automated correction and timely dispatch of engineers required on-site.