Planning and Design

Networks are rapidly adapting their designs and implementations based on consumer expectations. Careful planning and design of a network from the get-go will enable it to adapt and evolve smoothly, towards new trends and technological advancements. AWTG has designed and delivered the first working 5G networks in the UK and continues to innovate its advanced services and business models for global deployments.

Network infrastructure is a major capital expenditure in the rollout of new and emerging technologies. A well-executed design plan that is resilient, scalable and responsive to customer requirements serves as a strong platform to achieve excellent returns-on-investments. With extensive experience in network design, AWTG will help you achieve these objectives. Our approach utilises industry-leading tools, processes and methodologies, coupled with technical expertise in the design of large-scale networks.

At AWTG, we believe that a well-planned network is a cornerstone in providing an excellent customer experience and ultimately delivering great brand value. Our highly experienced network planning teams will take your requirements on board and smartly plan your network to ensure adaptability, scalability, and the highest quality of service for your customers.


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