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Our mission is to help government and public sector organisations improve people’s lives through our innovations. We provide cost effective solutions that the public sector can rely on, with our innovations that have been proven across the globe. We do this with integrity and a focus on high quality customer service.


iEducateiEducate enables a ‘learn anywhere, learn anytime’ approach to teaching. Both Immersive and Distance Learning are more flexible and convenient for the learner, they require less travel, less time to be spent in a classroom setting, and they can be more cost effective to deliver.Learn more >
iTouriTour promotes responsible tourism, a form of tourism that minimises the negative social, economic and environmental impact of in-person visits to cultural, heritage and tourist destinations that may be under threat. Not only that, it generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities.Learn more >
iToDOur Trash on Demand App enables a user to request the collection of waste much like one might use Uber to hail a ride home. This can be used by the public to request bulky waste collection and it can be used by local businesses to request commercial waste removal.Learn more >
intelligent Coverage MapAWTG’s intelligent Coverage Map (iCMap) enables local authorities, regulators and mobile network operators to display coverage of predicted or actual mobile network coverage, and by signal type, in any geographic area. This data can be used in various ways to help improve coverage.Learn more >
Emergency Services AppsAWTG has developed a mobile application for paramedics and ambulatory care. The on screen and mixed reality field guide presents information and structured workflows to aid diagnosis and care in an emergency situation. It enables users to take notes which can be shared with other medical practitioners to support joined up provision of care services. The App works even when there are is internet connection.Learn more >
iRoadAWTG’s innovative iRoad solution combines a number of innovative technologies and can make driving safer, more efficient and that can reduce pollution caused by congestion. iRoad is a combination of sensors, big data, artificial intelligence and connectivity that together monitors road conditions, improves visibility for drivers, shares road safety and traffic condition data with connected and autonomous vehicles, and much more.Learn more >

Find us on the Crown Commercial Services Framework RM6094 – Spark DPS
(emerging technology products and services, including IoT, AI and automation,
simulated environments, wearables and new improvements in security)
and RM6193 Software Design and Implementation Services.

Latest News

AWTG on the Next Phase of Online Shopping20211214120000

AWTG on the Next Phase of Online Shopping

December 14, 2021
AWTG is  proud to be part of the latest innovations in the eCommerce industry. Recently, news about an online shopping platfo...
BBC Coverage of the Scottish Esports League20211214090044

BBC Coverage of the Scottish Esports League

December 14, 2021
AWTG is thrilled about its participation in the recent success of the Scottish Esports League. Recently, BBC News report rele...
AWTG embraces environmental transparency by disclosing through CDP20211207130015

AWTG embraces environmental transparency by disclosing through CDP

December 7, 2021
November 30, 2021: AWTG today announced that it has furthered its commitment to environmental transparency by disclosing its ...
AWTG to attend Digital Scotland 2021 at Edinburgh20211126060001

AWTG to attend Digital Scotland 2021 at Edinburgh

November 26, 2021
November 25, 2021. AWTG is delighted to be attending the Digital Scotland 2021  at Edinburgh International Conference Centre ...


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Metaverse – A dystopia or the new future of social tech?

Charisma QuebralJanuary 28, 2022
The new term coined to the virtual world, Metaverse, has created a buzz since Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg released its pr...
The Success of 5G is in Mobility and Applications20211021090028

The Success of 5G is in Mobility and Applications

Ian VernonOctober 21, 2021
5G roll-out is accelerating globally with major smart phone vendors such as Apple and Samsung now supporting 5G technology in...

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